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Shutter (2004) Full Movie Free Download - Experience the Terror of Thai Horror

the first of those scenes was very intense for me. i cant recall the last time i saw a horror movie where the first scene was so unrelenting in its tense atmosphere. its such a simple scene, too. its just the couple walking around the town and conversing. as they walk down a dark street, the lights suddenly go out, and a shadow falls on the couple. this is the moment where shutter starts to get interesting. the characters find themselves in this situation where they cant get out. it might seem like the best thing that can happen. i must admit that for me, theres something a little unnerving about being trapped in a situation where you have no power. thats particularly true for the main characters in shutter. theres a very good scene where ananda everingham is trapped in a car with his girlfriend, and she has to ask him if he knows what happened to their children. the entire sequence is so tense that i kept thinking ananda was going to drive them into the wall, into the traffic or into another car. it was really a tense moment.

Shutter Thai Movie Free Download

even though shutter is a great film, the ending of this movie wasnt that great.i can understand why some people might think, what happened?the two main characters fall in love during the course of the film.if they hadnt, they never would have gotten together.thun is a photographer.there isnt anything wrong with fact,if you see the film, you might notice that a lot of the moments in the movie have that perfect shot or angle, like a low angle from the back of the shot, or a silhouette.its almost as if the filmmaker didnt want to give the audience the chance to see too much of what thun and jane were was like they were making sure that they werent cheating on the audience by giving us an explicit look at their lovemaking.


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