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Mega Pack Of Clothes And Accessories

For anybody with tons of clothes. The Extra Small Clothing label is the perfect size for the tags of any garment and this pack has the most of them. Just peel and stick them on the tag of any garment and they will stay in place.

Mega pack of clothes and accessories

What we love about the Sims 4 community is that it keeps on expanding with new content and features. With the introduction of CC, the game has become more versatile, and simmers can now download everything from custom hairstyles to furniture and accessories. In this post, we will be highlighting the absolute best Sims 4 CC packs that you can download for free.

As more and more clothes, makeup, accessories, and hairstyles are released, players might get overwhelmed with all the choices available for the game. That is where we come in -we have compiled a list of the best Sims 4 custom content that you definitely should NOT miss out on!

Animated customizable characters. Tons of clothes, accessories, weapons and enemies. Mobie Friendly, one texture for all models!Version 1.4 - New Miner Clothes, Hats and Helmets.- Pack includes more than 100 animations: Walk, Run, Attack, Death, Jump, SpellCast and Hit for every type of weapon.- Fully customizable human characters. Clothes, Crowns, Necklaces, Headwears, Hair styles and various types of weapons.- Goblins and Skeletons with changeable weapons and accessories. Animated.- Additional enemies: Bats, Slimes and Crabs. All animated.- Demo scene and Premade Character prefabsAll meshes share one pallette texture, Ideal for mobile and low-end devices.Mini-tutorial for easy customization of characters.Compatible with any Unity of version 5 and older. 3 Skin colors, 31 costumes for males and 28 costumes for females.Male - 11 Bear styles, 10 Hair styles and 20 Faces.Female - 12 Hair styles and 11 Faces.GreatSwords, Swords, Hammers, Maces, Shields, Staffs, Bows, Arrows, Quivers - 45 meshes.6 Tools with action animations.Color changeable clothes, armor, weapoms, hair, eyebrows, eyes.If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 041b061a72


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