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Buy 1920's Dresses Online BETTER

Most clothing of the 1920s decade is found on cheap costume sites, which is fine for a one time party but not a great choice for an authentic look and feel. Thankfully, the selection of good day and evening 20s dresses has increased in the last few years.

buy 1920's dresses online


Daytime 20s dresses were made with cotton and other less expensive materials, yet still featured the drop waists and embroidery instead of beads. Sashes were used to create the illusion of the waist band over sheath dresses. Colors were light pastels of green, peach, pink and blue for spring with darker shades for winter.

You too can dress in 1920s style with vintage reproduction and vintage inspired 20s clothing available online. We searched for the best clothes and organized them by type to help make your online shopping experience easier.

The iconic 1920s ;style came into fashion not long after the end of WWI. If you look at photographs of early 19th century women's clothing you will find high collars, cinched waists from tight corsets, and dresses with sleeves to the wrists and hems past the ankles. After the end of the first World War, more women were driving cars and going out to work, and the restrictive clothing was no longer practical nor comfortable. Women stopped wearing the corsets and moved to loose-fitting dresses. Also, hems were shortened to show ankles and calves and women were going sleeveless. In the Berg Fashion Library database you can find beautiful sketches of 1920s dresses, research specific designers, learn about what fabrics and patterns were popular, and even explore international influences.

The iconic image of the 1920s are Gatsby-style parties, with women fitted out in their most elaborate evening wear. Compared to the stiff, restrictive evening wear of the late 1800s and very early 1900s, the 1920s evening gown included low necklines with beaded and shining fabrics. Accessories also became an important part of evening wear, including elaborate capes, headdresses, and jewelry. To find the most glamorous evening gowns and accessories explore the Harper's Bazaar Archive database. Just like the Vogue Archive database, with your New York Public Library card, you can access online the entire run of Harper's Bazaar, from 1867 to the most recent issue, in full color and text. Not only will you find fabulous evening wear from all over the world, but interviews and profiles of the most popular and iconic fashion designers of the day.

This blog post was researched entirely using NYPL's electronic resources. With more than 500 online research options available, many accessible from home with a library card, we challenge you to go beyond the search engine and dig deeper online with NYPL.

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