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Again in a flashback, it is seen that Raghu and Leena used to meet each other secretly and how Raghu left everything for Leena and moved for her to Delhi, discontinuing his studies to be with Leena. Later, Zoe walks in on Raj and a woman, assuming she is Leena but realizes it's not the case. Raj now reveals that he left Leena for his big town fantasies. Her mother convinces Zoe that she can't possibly have both her love and career together. She goes to meet Veer's parents but leaves crying. Veer relays to Raj what Zoe did, and Raj, convinced that he influenced Zoe towards behaving this way, responds by getting her the job.

Some days later, Zoe sees Veer with another girl. Heartbroken, she hangs out with multiple people but doesn't happen to like any of them. She goes to a bar with a guy and gets drunk, but he refuses to drop her at her home. Veer picks her and drops her at her house. He says that he can't enter a relationship of compromises with Zoe and breaks up with her. The next day he informs her about a new job in the Himalayas and is leaving for two years, explaining that he has as much right to be focused on his career as does she, and bids her goodbye. Zoe gets a proposal from the Mehta family for marriage, but she refuses. When Zoe meets Raghu, he tells her that he met Leena one last time, when he realized he lost the person he was before with Leena and finds that she is pregnant. He leaves from there, gets into a cab, and goes to the airport. He adds that he still misses Leena but is helpless now. He starts crying, and Zoe comforts him. Raghu tells her that she shouldn't make the same mistake he made. Zoe leaves for the Himalayas to reunite with Veer. She sees Veer sleeping outside. She goes and lays on top of him. She says that she won't balance between love & work ever, but still, she wanted to be with him. Veer asks whether she will leap with him, to which she agrees, and they reunite.

As the story unfolds, however, it is clear that it is SARA who is filling the beats of Randeep in the story. She is the conflicted one, the faithless one, the one who is torn between his/her personal growth and a love story left behind. It is Karthik and Arushi who are ever faithful, ever patient, and eventually go away because they are driven away. This is a fascinating flip on audience expectations, that Sara can have the same ambition and sex drive and issues with commitment as a man, and that Randeep can have the same lingering misery of lost love as Sara.

I think this is a really brilliant movie about all the reasons women run from love, especially in the modern world. But I can also see the basic underlying issue that might make it not work for some viewers, the same issue there is in most Imtiaz films. He has a very particular perspective on romantic love.

Yes! Veer is an answer to all the struggling unrequited lovers, and struggling young man who are unhappy with their lives. He takes responsibility for himself, in every area. He likes a girl, so he finds her and offers her motorcycle rides and listens to her and gets to know her, and is ready for rejection. He wants a more satisfying life, so he braves uncertainty and rejects safe jobs and then goes out and finds an unsafe one that he likes. All you have to do is look beyond yourself and try to make other people happy (what does Sara want from him What job will help people in the world) and you will be a lot saner and happier and just over all better.

When it comes to millennials, their idea of love and its expression have evolved way beyond the boundaries and restrictions of the bygone era, thus resulting in some complications too. Love in the 21st century is both the same and different today as we are trying to reconfigure it for lives led at a very fast pace.

Since the 17th century, it's been the pursuit of love that has excited us. Back in the 80s, our parents could hardly even confess their feelings to their loved ones. Cut to the present, everything is out in t


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