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Download 1Hold The Rope Mp3

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Download 1Hold the Rope mp3

This device will give you great leverage for pulling the ropes to tighten the drum. It replaces the short stick and clamcleat above and your back will thank you. If you're going to be tightening more than one drum in your life, it's a great investment.

The Mali weave is a series of knots around the drum horizontally. The weave starts at the bottom and works its way horizontally around the drum. It threads in between the vertical ropes and pulls them together, pulling the drum head down, which tightens the skin.

Start by finding the end of the rope making the horizontal weave (sometimes wound around the drum's waist, sometimes made into a strap of sorts or sometimes it simply runs out during the weave). Follow it back to the drum, untie any knot holding it in place and work the first weave loose. You may need to 'snap' the knot back to undo it.

Thread a short thick stick under the rope A (marked in blue), grab both sides of the stick with both hands and pull towards you. Once you have pulled it up to tighten it, clamp the rope at B with the pliers. You may need to wind the rope around the stick to take up any slack. When you've pulled it quite tight, clamp the rope right at the top (at B) with pliers. 041b061a72


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