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Kodak Picture Kiosk Gs Compact Software 14 __EXCLUSIVE__

Kodak Picture Kiosk Gs Compact Software 14 --->>>

The footage he's talking about is on the Uncharted disks, I guess, but it's quite funny to watch him explain the difference. It's part of the reason why I'm watching the presentation in the first place, but yeah, that stuff is pretty good.

The demo reels are done, then we're invited to come around to Sony's booth and look at their stuff. They've got a nice layout of various video capabilities and games and Blu-ray players and the like. I step up and they get to talking to me. I explain that I was also at the Nokia Conference at Earls Court, and that I'm also going over to the Sony Conference later today. It all has them a little daunted, actually. What type of developer are you? An indie developer, maybe? So I ask for one of their projectors and off we go.

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