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Ginseng . . . The White Gold Of The Landbreakers by J. MARSHALL PORTER Ginseng In Flower Stage In Chinese, the word "Ginseng" means 'Manlike', or shaped like the human body' . . . and that is what some old mature, wild ginseng roots resemble if the viewer uses his imagination, and likens the two tap roots to legs, the thick middle part to the body, and the two upper roots to arms. Then the stem, with its yearly growth rings as a neck, and the bulbous top that sends up the plant every year as the head. The roots of the plant are in constant demand at good prices in China and other Southeast Asian countries. No one knows how long the Chinese people have believed that (Panax Quinquefolius ) American ginseng contains magical healing powers. The generic name (Panax) is derived from the Greek words translated as Panacea, a cure-all, and Quinquefolius describes the leaf pattern. But because the root is shaped like the human body, these people believe it contains all the necessary elements to heal the human body. And although the smaller, broken and off shaped roots are ground into powder and used for various ailments, the choice roots that reach the market intact and (man shaped) are in great demand by the rich Chinese people who will pay fabulous prices for good specimens. They believe that the lower tap roots 35 will cure ailments of the feet and legs. That the heavy middle part of the root will cure chest and stomach ailments. The two upper roots will heal ailments of the hands and arms; and the gnarled stem and bulbous top will heal ailments of the neck and head. The dried roots are put through a process of refining and grinding, and the powder is widely used to dust on scalps that are losing hair, put into an aching hollow tooth, brewed as a tea and taken for stomach cramps, and sometimes it is chewed or smoked sparingly. Despite the faith the Chinese have in ginseng, our American doctors and pharmacologists have found no magical healing powers in the root, and they believe the Chinese faith is largely tradition and superstition . But regardless of what others think of it, the Chinese have been buying ginseng roots from North America for more than two hundred years, and they still buy all the wild and cultivated roots we can supply. According to Enclycopedia Britainaca, in 1773, the sloop Hingham sailed from Boston to Hong Kong and carried 55 tons of wild dried ginseng roots. Most of them were dug in Canada where the value of ginseng was known before the news reached die U.S.A. Prices then were thirtyfive cents a pound. Britainaca also states that between the years 1858 to 1958 the prices ranged from forty-nine cents to $27.00 a pound, and over the past fifteen years the price of wild ginseng roots has advanced to $42.00 per pound. The constant increase in price and steady demand has induced a number of people whose climate and location is suitable , to cultivate ginseng under lath sheds which furnish a semi-shaded environment which is essential to the plant's growth and survival. Cultivated roots are harvested at 7 to 9 years of age, and are several times as large as wild roots, and bring about The root can resemble o human form 36 half the price on the market. The early American settlers and landbreakers knew nothing about ginseng until the news came from Canada that parts of the American forests abounded in wealth in the form of a woods plant, and the roots had a steady market in China. Canada had been supplying the market, but the crop was nearly exhausted. As the news spread, nearly every settler in the Appalachians and the Ozarks became a 'seng' digger. The roots, washed clean and dried in the sun had a constant cash value at every trading post, grist mill and country store. Also, pack peddlers of those days would walk into the settlements and barter their wares for ginseng roots. The diggers didn't complain about the low prices, which was for a long time only a fraction... 041b061a72


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