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Mozilla has recently patched an. vulnerability in a number of its products including Firefox. The main goal of this vulnerability is to deliver references to sites that were not legit. These are the websites that are actually installed by the target in order to gain access to data for later collection. This data is then used for DevOps and different hacking activities. Some of the sites that are vulnerable are:,, Yandex. com, Telegram. com,,,, The vulnerability can be found in the web browser extension (or extensionless web browser) that is called "File & folder manager" and is used to clean up or organise your local storage in the browser. In the exploited version of this extension, the shortening of an URL parameter was found, which will give you full access to any website that the user of this extension is regularly visiting. The article goes into further detail about the vulnerability, the exploit and a way to prevent it making an unwanted change to your browsing context.

After you click on Yes, you will be logged out of your Microsoft Account before the file is downloaded and will appear as a fully updated version of Windows, 20.09. However, it will not look like the new version. The good news is that you do not have to do anything, but if you do not like the new look or feel of 20.09 (which is pretty much the same as the previous version), you can change it back to look and feel from the previous version. Once these steps are complete, install the operating system and continue the setup in your PC or laptop. After the installation is complete, you will get Microsoft's options to choose the language, then he will need to fill out the password for your Microsoft Account. Fasten the resolution, you will have to update the device drivers.

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