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Where To Buy King Mattress

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Where To Buy King Mattress

Our team at Sleep Foundation conducts extensive hands-on tests for each mattress to provide you with the most reliable, data-driven recommendations and reviews. Below are key guidelines that inform our testing methodology:

A king size mattress can comfortably fit you and your sleep partner with plenty of room for both of you to stretch out. We recommend a king for anyone who needs extra space while they sleep. This size might also be practical if pets or small children share your sleep area from time to time. Split king models cater to people who own adjustable beds.

As a standard size, king mattresses are widely available, and you can choose from many different options. Below is a list of mattresses that our testing team has determined to be the best options for king size. Our team performed thorough research and hands-on tests to ensure that this list includes the best overall mattresses on the market. We considered criteria such as price-point, since king beds cost more money than beds in smaller sizes. We also looked at durability and temperature neutrality, since king size beds are often purchased by couples.

Minimal pressure buildup was evident when we tested the DreamCloud for pressure relief. This can be attributed to its thick foam layers. Motion isolation was another highlight for our team. Unlike most hybrids, which feel responsive and bouncy to a degree, the DreamCloud eliminated most transfer on the surface. Our testers detected little to no movement from the other side of the mattress.

The Nectar Mattress is a firmer-than-average memory foam model that excelled during our pressure relief tests. The mattress also has an approachable price-point that should appeal to shoppers on a budget.

A 2-inch comfort layer ensures even contouring from head to toe, which our side-sleeping testers found improved spinal alignment and alleviated pressure points in the process. Meanwhile, the medium firm (6) feel was not too soft for testers who weigh under 230 pounds. Phase change material in this layer is engineered to absorb and release heat, resulting in a reasonable temperature. Beneath the comfort layer is a 3-inch transitional layer made of polyfoam, followed by a 7-inch support core of high-density polyfoam. A cover containing cooling fibers encases the mattress.

In addition to the affordable pricing, Nectar further incentivizes value seekers with free shipping anywhere in the contiguous U.S. and a sleep trial that spans 365 nights in length. The mattress is backed by a lifetime warranty covering structural and manufacturing defects for as long as you retain full ownership.

Standard WinkBed models include the Softer (4), Luxury Firm (6), and Firmer (7). These mattresses begin with Euro-top layers containing adaptive foam, followed by an additional foam layer. We found that the cushioning level varied by firmness, but all three standard designs contoured evenly to distribute our weight and reduce pressure in sensitive spots like the shoulders and hips. The fourth option, WinkBed Plus (8), swaps out the second layer for responsive latex, resulting in a more supportive feel. WinkBed has specifically designed the Plus for people who weigh more than 230 pounds, and this claim was affirmed by most of our testers in this weight range.

All four WinkBed models contain pocketed coil support cores. The coils are divided into zones based on where people carry more weight. Our testers noticed significant pushback around the torso and hips and a gentler feel beneath the head, shoulders, and legs. Extra reinforcement stabilizes the perimeter to reduce sinkage when you get in and out of bed. Thanks to this configuration, most versions of the WinkBed aced our edge support tests.

Our testing also indicates the mattress is a good option for hot sleepers. This is thanks to the breathable Tencel cover and a coil system that promotes steady air circulation throughout the interior. Other strengths of the mattres


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