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Madden 2005 Pc Download \/\/FREE\\\\

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Madden 2005 Pc Download


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Before downloading any game PS2, you need to check List name game PS2 Classics Emulator Compatibility:for PS3:Here or for PS4: Here(Several games will work perfectly, several will have minor issues, and others will have major issues or might not work. There is an ever growing list of PS2 Classics being tested and documented on the PSDevWiki)

The "2005" edition of the best-selling Madden NFL sports game series hits the field with another new season's worth of refinements and additions. Attention has been paid to the defensive game in this version, with enhancements intended to give gamers more options and more control when they're playing from the other side of the football. Many of this year's new features involve the NFL players themselves, however, calling upon gamers to maintain and develop their star athletes. Players are now rewarded for their good performances throughout the season, and individuals can be affected by the ebb and flow of morale.

Madden 2005 offers "hit stick," control, which allows the right analog stick to be used to perform the kind of huge, momentum-shifting hits that fans will hear way up in the nosebleed section. Risks are involved, however, and players who miss tackles under the hit stick system's less rigid controls have only themselves to blame. Gamers can also involve themselves more deeply in defensive strategy than they could in earlier versions of Madden NFL. The new Defensive Playmaker Control system allows them to modify assignments for any player on the field, to set up blitzes, jams, and individual man-to-man coverage, right up until the moment the ball is snapped.

No name is more closely associated with NFL football than John Madden, and no PC Football game is more recognizable than the Madden franchise, which is over a decade old now, and has stretched from console to PC. For all those years, football fans have thrilled to the excellent game play and good looks of this game system, so what does 2005 have to offer, outside of the latest player stats for the previous season? Quite a bit actually.

It's hard to believe I have been playing Madden football for so many years, going back to the old Super Nintendo, to where we are now in sports video games. All fans of pro football should pick this game up, and people who want to give a football fan a great gift, you won't go wrong by giving them Madden 2005.

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The Madden download is not small. No matter which method you use to play Madden on PC, you should make sure the game installation location has enough free space in order to make the game run well on your PC.

As the best-selling football franchise on the market for an umpteen number of years, Madden NFL is a name that is known by the masses as representative of some of the best football you can get on a video game console. Last year's Madden NFL 2004, in particular, is revered as one of the best installments EA has ever brought out--which ultimately makes it a tough act to follow. For this year's edition, Madden NFL 2005, defense is the name of the game. Nearly all the additions and tweaks made to this year's game fall squarely into the realm of defensive football, and they're all great new features. The downside to this high emphasis on one particular area of the game seems to be that the remaining aspects of the game (of which there are many) are generally only slightly improved or altered, if at all. In many ways, Madden 2005 is just a bit too much like last year's Madden for comfort--but it's still a truly excellent game of football all around.

If you've ever felt that Madden was simply a one-sided piece of pigskin in favor of offensive play, Madden 2005 changes all that. The additions made to the defensive side of the ball are plentiful and all superb. The first and most entertaining addition is the new "hit stick." This feature, like the addition of playmaker control last year, will require PC owners to own a good dual-analog gamepad. Essentially, when on defense, tapping the right control stick in the direction of your opponent will lay a nasty hit on him. What the hit stick translates into is context-sensitive tackling that you can control. If you're just running alongside your opponent and tap it without getting much of a head of steam, then you'll just kind of shove him. Get up a good bout of speed, and you will absolutely waylay the poor ball carrier. Using the hit stick properly will also result in more fumbles and dropped passes for the offense. However, you have to be careful, because missing with the stick leads to a badly missed tackle, which consequently gives your opponent an easy way to dodge past you. While this sounds like it could be a little overcomplicated if not done right, in this case it is done right. As a result, using the stick becomes an immensely fun way to play the defensive side of the ball.

On the flip side of things, Madden NFL 2005's offensive game isn't really all that different from Madden NFL 2004, save for a few, small changes. For one, you can now make formation shifts on the line. Formation shifts are essentially audibles that don't change the play. You can move your running back out of the backfield and into a better position for the reception, or you can overload one side of the field with receivers. You'll also notice some new option routes for receivers in this year's game. Option routes are typically highlighted on the play calling screen and feature dotted lines coming off a curl route, for example. These lines indicate the possible directions that a receiver may run, depending on that receiver's assessment of the current coverage scheme. The intelligence of the receivers who are running these routes seems to vary depending on the quality of the player, but, as a whole, the feature seems to work well.

On the features side of things, Madden NFL 2005 is as robust as it has ever been, though not all the preexisting modes have seen too much in the way of changes. We'll start with the franchise mode, which has seen the most work. The big change to the mode's presentation is the addition of sports radio host Tony Bruno. Billed as EA Sports Radio, the Bruno-hosted show actually plays at the start of each week, and by listening to the show, you'll hear interviews with players and coaches, hear Tony take calls from irate and occasionally idiotic fans, and hear little tidbits about things happening in the NFL. For example, we encountered one scenario where quarterback Mark Brunell was benched early on in the season in favor of Patrick Ramsey. Of course, Brunell was not pleased with the decision, which Tony was quick to report. The dialogue is occasionally a little jittery when Bruno discusses specific stuff related to your league scenarios, but the more generalized bits, like the phone calls, are pretty entertaining.

Another mode addition to Madden NFL 2005 is actually sort of an offshoot of the minicamp mode. Essentially, EA Tiburon has added a pair of minigames, one of which is actually a score-based version of the running-back minicamp game. This is a competition for one to two players where you will each have a turn at playing offense and defense. The goal on offense is to score as many rushing touchdowns as possible within a certain amount of time, while on defense, you must prevent touchdowns and try to lay down some big hits that force fumbles for bonus points. The team with the most points at the end wins. The other minigame is called two-minute drill. Here, you have two minutes on offense to score as many points as you can. Once that's done, the other team will conversely have two minutes of its own, and it's up to you to stop them on defense. You earn points offensively through big completions, runs, and scores, while on defense, you earn points by dishing out some big hits and breaking up passes. While these games don't amount to much more than a simple distraction, they're pretty fun.

The last mode addition made to Madden NFL 2005 is an equally unnecessary, but still cool, little inclusion. This new feature is the create-a-fan mode, where you can create and design fans who will show up during in-game cutscenes. There is a fairly wide variety of options to choose from, so you can create fans who range from the mildly obsessive to the out-and-out crazy--like those lunatics who don Viking helmets and big, old Legion of Doom spiked shoulder pads. The one downside to the mode is that, aside from the cool design stuff, you can't really do anything else with your fans. They always pretty much just run through the same few cutscene animations each time, and you can't do anything to make them particularly stand out beyond their visual appearances. Still, if you're one of those people with a special place in your heart for the truly insane football fans who paint their bare chests the colors of a team and stand out in 20-below-zero weather to support it, this is a nice feature.


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