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How Do U Do Dmg As Genji

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How Do U Do Dmg As Genji

It did plenty. The issue is that the power creep came shortly after. Idk if you remember this. But Ashe was released to compete with Widow. Soldier and Cree were megabuffed to compete with Ashe. Doom and Echo were released and ate genji niche. Echo was also competing with the new power creep found in Ashe.

The problem isn't that genji is overpowered, but his reflect lasts for way too long, I would understand 0.5-1 second of reflecting while having it recharge by couple of seconds faster, however 2 seconds of reflecting just makes him a big nuisance and embodiment of a sweaty player abusing the games system

Disagree, the game is way more squishy now, so people are actually constantly taking damage in fights. All genji has to do is spam his shurikens, if himself or the other DPS or tank get anyone low, it's just dash->fan->melee, which is a guaranteed kill on every non-tank even if they still have 50% of their HP left. Which now snowballs into a dash reset + passive boost, you then pick a new target and either successfully keep chain-picking enemies or just reflect and start double jumping back to your team.

Good changes, genji's dash still needs to be reduced though, Brigitte needs temporary health or armor added back to her E, and Mercy needs a full overhaul because her kit is trash with only 1 tank when everyone has to do a ton of damage to be viable. 1e1e36bf2d


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