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We, including myself often display our biases outwardly, by either how we gather information or by reinterpreting it in a biased way (also known as confirmation bias). We also sometimes tend to subconsciously and covertly act upon our biases. Long gone (relatively speaking) are the days where we actively taught our kids to be racist. Books that promote injustices are increasingly being banned in public libraries by the American Library Association, with some schools electing to follow suit. Even blatant acts of racism and intolerance, such as Hollywood producing movies with white actors in blackface has eventually phased out. The same, to an extent, can be said about how we no longer overtly teach our children to use their skin color as leverage or teach them to conform to the Eurocentric standards of beauty in order to thrive in the world. So how is it that our children are still growing up to become racist, biased or prejudiced? The truth is not teaching our kids NOT to be racist, is the same as teaching them TO BE racist both subconsciously and innately. Unless we actively teach them to work against racism, they inevitably will become part of the system that perpetuates it.

As a man, I can say from my own personal experience, that what makes privilege of any kind so dangerous is how easily we deny its existence. Through denial, we protect the privileges we hold from being fully acknowledged, thus preventing it from truly ending. After watching a video on intersectionality at our last in-service day (staff training) at Hilltop, it became even more apparent how little regard I gave to my male privilege. In the Hilltop spirit of learning with a lens of inquiry, the following night after our in-service day, I tried my hand at a scientific observation. I attempted to keep track of how many times male privilege and gender norms were present during a night out in the town with a group of friends.

Understanding and addressing the barriers that young Black men face in education can yield efforts to support their success not only as students but as teachers. Establishing an inclusive and encouraging space where young Black boys can flourish in school can promote a more inviting place for Black male teachers to shine. Young Black boys who see educators that resemble them are positively impacted in areas of academic performance and personal growth. Young Black boys being introduced to mentors that understand and relate to them is instrumental during their formative years, as they can witness Black men succeeding in the face of adversity. An increased presence of Black male teachers in education is not the sole solution for the troubles and oppression that young Black boys face in education. However, they are a valuable asset to the education system, as well as the lives of students who benefit from their existence.

According to an investigation last month by ProPublica, the independent non-profit news organization, the chances of a young black male being killed by police are 21 times greater than a young white male.

Last week, the woman on the phone asked if I had a son. I do. She asked Monday if he was doing okay. I said he was. She wondered if I thought the media would do more reporting about the dangers young black males face after the tension in Ferguson ends.

But yes, we can take steps to reduce the pain. The criminal justice system gives the cops too much power to enact their racial fantasies on the bodies of black men and boys. Ending the war on drugs is a crucial step to reducing that discretion. Likewise, we should make school disciplinary proceedings more transparent, and require official explanations for racial disparities.

Would pulling back on draconian drug laws be enough to fix the disproportionate number of black men behind bars? What else needs to be done? Read More Debaters Spend Money on Schools Instead Neill Franklin, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Research shows young people need at least three caring relationships with adults to be successful, said Lisa Bottomley, Michigan State University Extension's senior 4-H mentoring specialist at the Children & Youth Institute in East Lansing.

If you are Black and male and have reaped some of the benefits that America has to offer, then please have some conversations with some of these young brothers. Many of us have been talking and doing it for some time now, but we need more of us. There are far too many Trayvons and Jonathans out here who are Black and male and who have been killed by gunfire. This is essentially wiping out a future generation of African-American men.

Karen Brank, a licensed social worker in her early thirties with a young son, had never been in trouble with the police. But one morning, on her way to work for a monthly staff meeting, all of that changed when Brank was pulled over for speeding. Brank recalls being one of several cars that were traveling down a main thoroughfare at about the same rate of speed. The officer who stopped her told her she was going too fast. He then asked for her license and registration and took these items to the squad car. When he returned, the officer told Brank that there were outstanding warrants for her arrest for unpaid traffic tickets. Brank remembered the tickets because she did not get many and told the officer that she had paid them weeks before. But when she could not produce a receipt to prove payment (and who could have?), the officer said he would have to arrest her.

Brank is firmly convinced that she was singled out from the other cars around her, which she says were going the same speed, because she is black. She is sure that a white person would not have been handcuffed and humiliated the way she was. But the police officer who stopped her denies this. "The only reason I stopped her was because of a violation--speeding," he says, adding that he caught her on radar. "I don't care if you're black, blue, beige, brown, whatever--if you're violating the law, I'll stop you." And he categorically denies that any high fives or congratulatory words were exchanged.

James, a well-dressed, 28-year-old advertising account executive with a media company, also has been stopped for numerous traffic offenses. "I'm not one of those guys who says, 'Oh yeah, blacks, we've just got it bad," ' he says. But being stopped repeatedly by police is such an unchangeable part of life for him that "it's like the fact that I'm black."

James described an incident that took place recently in an upscale neighborhood, where he had visited a friend. After socializing for a while, James left the house and got in his car to leave. As soon as he pulled out of the driveway, James noticed that a police car was following him. Although he drove with extra care, the officer pulled James over and questioned him, accused him of weaving, checked his license and registration, and threatened to give him a citation for not wearing a seat belt. "I think he saw a black male in that neighborhood and he was suspicious," James says. Months later, the anger James felt that night remains fresh.

I feel like I'm a guy who's pretty much walked the straight line and that's respecting people and everything. But if cops will even bother me, that makes me think, well, it's gotta be something . . . [W]e just constantly get harassed. So we just feel like we can't go nowhere without being bothered . . . I'm not trying to bother nobody. But yet I got a cop pull me over says I'm weaving in the road. And I just came from a friend's house, no alcohol, no nothing. It just makes you wonder--was it just because I'm black?

It would be a mistake to think that pretextual traffic stops are limited to younger blacks. Michael, 41, is tall, attractive, and well-spoken. He is the top executive in an important public institution and has been stopped by the police many times. One afternoon, Michael was driving to a local high school to work out. As he approached the parking lot, he saw a parked police cruiser, so he drove with extra caution. "As I pulled up and put it in park and turned the key off, this police car comes screeching up behind me--the lights flashing, the whole deal," Michael says. The squad car blocked him in to the parking space, so he could not leave. But when the officer walked up to the window, he immediately noticed Michael's official identification. Without offering any explanation for why he had treated Michael as if he were a dangerous criminal, the officer "just backed away and he was gone. Just disappeared." 041b061a72


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