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Mcedit Player Statue Filter 12

  • In 2012 I discovered the fun of Filters. I learned enough Python programming language to be useful and leaped into making little programs that either build things in a 3D Minecraft world, or warp existing things in new and interesting ways.Newer filters are on this announcement page.Filters That Build Things (FTBT)DrawLineBetweenTwoPoints ALBUM VIDEO DOWNLOAD - does what it says, but requires you to be in a specific orientation and then use the MCEdit rotation features to orient it correctly. Not my best work, but an essential tool to finish off the Sandcrawler due to all the strangely sloping surfaces.

  • Rainbow ALBUM DISCUSSION DOWNLOAD - creates arcing multi-coloured rainbows in your selection box. Inspired by /u/Hyta on Reddit

  • Gherkin ALBUM DOWNLOAD - builds /u/Hyta's procedurally generated London tower. This is a port of /u/Hyta's algorithm to MCEdit. It was an exercise in porting Java to Python.

  • Clouds ALBUM DISCUSSION DOWNLOAD - generates diffuse clouds of blocks in the sky, and solid ones too.

  • Dunes ALBUM DISCUSSION DOWNLOAD - makes sand dunes in your selection box.

  • CASTLETECT ALBUM DISCUSSION DOWNLOAD - use this to make castle walls, towers and arches.

  • ARC ALBUM DISCUSSION DOWNLOAD - simply creates a vertical arc within your selection box. 180 degrees side to side.

  • CASTLESANDKEEPS ALBUM DISCUSSION DOWNLOAD - Make a Castle compound automatically with one click. @Tomutwit asked for this one.

  • BOULDER ALBUM VIDEO DISCUSSION DOWNLOAD - generate boulders and stones.

  • Filters That Warp Space (FTWS)Surface_f(x,z) ALBUM /r/Math DISCUSSION DOWNLOAD - this filter builds things and warps space, and is where I put a lot of ideas and prototypes. Many pictures are included at the download link.

  • DRAPE ALBUM DISCUSSION DOWNLOAD - there must have been a lot of pent-up-demand for the ability to lay a creation carefully across the surface of the landscape. The album shows how to make walls and roads that flow with the undulating hills. This filter is currently #17 on the all-time top postings to /r/Minecraft, which is very humbling.

  • SUBSIDE ALBUM DISCUSSION DOWNLOAD - the land above ground collapses in on underground tunnels and caves.

  • GASH ALBUM DISCUSSION DOWNLOAD - when you need to tear up the ground, this filter will come in handy. It rips the soil and stone into deep ravines defined by your selection box length, width, and height.

  • FLYLAND ALBUM DISCUSSION DOWNLOAD - used to make flying islands you can build on.

  • VORONOI ALBUM - use to make lots of different areas within your selection box. Hard to explain, but worth playing around with. Suggested by @NirgalBunny on Twitter

  • CUBIFY ALBUM - fold land over into cubes.

  • Filters That Do Other Stuff (FTDOS)Resurface ALBUM - lays down a layer of your material on top of whatever is in the selection box. Requested by forum user DogsRNice.

  • BlockFinder ALBUM - reports on the console the location of every block in a selection area of a certain type you specify. Requested by helen269

  • REPEAT ALBUM DISCUSSION DOWNLOAD - this filter is for slow computers like mine that simply reproduces your selection box the specified number of times in the direction you decided. It also has an option that shakes your model apart.

  • EROSION ALBUM DOWNLOAD - weathers buildings to show their age.

  • FILLMESH ALBUM DISCUSSION DOWNLOAD - when some filters run they can leave an odd hole following rotations due to rounding errors. Oversampling is a fix, but is expensive computationally. This filter cleans up those holes. It also rounds out square tunnels and rooms.

  • TRIMMING ALBUM. DISCUSSION. DOWNLOAD - use to add special edges and highlights to your buildings and structures. It selectively replaces blocks that are on edges.

  • SHEATH DISCUSSION - covers redstone in blocks and leaves tunnels you can use to access. Requested by @Jigarbov

  • FILLter ALBUM - 3D flood fill in your selection box.

  • HOLLOW ALBUM - carves out the inside of a solid object leaving just the outer shell.

  • FOAM VIDEO - hollows out an area, but honours the regions of different materials. Results in rooms and caves.

  • SPRINKLE DOWNLOAD - places the number of blocks of the type you specify randomly within the selection box

  • FRAMINATION VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Animates blocks in your world using custom spawners. Script, sample save world, and a sample schematic of a running man is included at the download site. Filter suggested by FoamyTrampoline.

  • PNGtoBLOCKS VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Based on Sethbling's Player Statue filter, this one renders your PNG in the world as a sheet.

  • MINETEXT VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Write blocky text directly onto the world.

  • PNGtoCUBE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Maps a square graphic into the Minecraft world as a cube. Useful for importing texture images to make large scale blocks and other objects.

Mcedit Player Statue Filter 12


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