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Armitron Watch Manual 408417 'LINK'


Hey Everyone, I just for the record I am posting this here to make sure the right person sees it and can solve my problem as I have been dating this watch for over four years now and do not have an instruction manual on how to use it, I just want to see if anyone knows how to stop the alarm from going off. Thank you for your time.

I really need help and it seems my Armitron has a problem. My watch's automatic alarm keeps going off every five minutes after it gets off for one night, then it will time out and then it keeps going off every 5 minutes again and then cleans up the watch memory and then it sets the actual time and alarm time. Scenario after scenario is the same! The only way to shut it off is to manually shut it off. I can not figure out why it is going off so much and I keep losing it. Any suggestions

I have an Armitron watch that is pretty old (circa 2000 perhaps). I've had it for over 20 years and know that it has had problems with it going off all the time. Is there anyway I can stop it from going off It will go off every day at 12 midnight, I have to manually turn the alarm off to prevent another sound waking me up.

Hi I have an Armitron pro sport, 40/8309, water resistant 100 ft. Model number 401046. I an having problem with the alarm going off every 30 minutes, even though I set it to 12:01. I cannot figure out why it keeps going off. It keeps breaking down and setting the time to 12:00 and 24 Hr. please help. d2c66b5586


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