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Abstract:Vitamin D deficiency is a global disorder associated with several chronic illnesses including dyslipidemia and metabolic syndrome. The impact of this association with both dyslipidemia and vitamin D deficiency on metabolomics profile is not yet fully understood. This study analyses the metabolomics and lipidomic signatures in relation to vitamin D status and dyslipidemia. Metabolomics data were collected from Qatar Biobank database and categorized into four groups based on vitamin D and dyslipidemia status. Metabolomics multivariate analysis was performed using the orthogonal partial least square discriminate analysis (OPLS-DA) whilst linear models were used to assess the per-metabolite association with each of the four dyslipidemia/vitamin D combination groups. Our results indicate a high prevalence of vitamin D deficiency among the younger age group, while dyslipidemia was more prominent in the older group. A significant alteration of metabolomics profile was observed among the dyslipidemic and vitamin D deficient individuals in comparison with control groups. These modifications reflected changes in some key pathways including ceramides, diacylglycerols, hemosylceramides, lysophospholipids, phosphatidylcholines, phosphatidylethanol amines, and sphingomyelins. Vitamin D deficiency and dyslipidemia have a deep impact on sphingomyelins profile. The modifications were noted at the level of ceramides and are likely to propagate through downstream pathways.Keywords: vitamin D; 25-hydroxyvitamin D; dyslipidemia; metabolomics; lipidomics

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