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Buy Old Chevy Trucks


Who doesn't love a classic truck The clean lines of an early Chevy or GMC, Ford's family of F100s, a '50s Dodge; these are all vehicles that conjure up a time, place and emotion. Whether the truck has been engineered as a hot rod or rat rod, remains a working vehicle, or simply epitomizes cool, the pre-1976 trucks listed on Hot Rod Hotline offer power, performance and plenty of load capacity.

We have gathered a wealth of knowledge from working with Chevrolet and GMC trucks for over 40 years. We are the experts when it comes to 1934-1972 Chevrolet and GMC trucks. With our experience we have written so many articles to help you better restore and update your Chevy/GMC trucks. Enjoy!

So whether you are looking for a brand new shiny chrome hub cap for a 1937 Classic Chevy Pickup truck or you just want to match the other three gracefully aged used hub caps on a 1957 GMC, then Jim Carter Truck Parts is where you want to shop. Call 1.800.842.1913 or browse our extensive online inventory today! As a licensed manufacturer of GM Restoration Parts, we can assist you with approved early General Motors truck restoration of 1934 through 1972 Chevrolet and GMC pickups and larger trucks.

Initially intended for industrial use, pickups started out as vehicles that were designed and produced with little regard to comfort or pleasant driving experience. But that quickly changed as newer amenities and options were added to pickups as a tactic by different manufacturers to gain a competitive advantage in the market. This led to a completely new era of innovative trucks that paved the way for several modern-day designs.

Despite being depicted as expensive vehicles in general, there are several well-built classic pickups known to be practical yet still came at fairly reasonable prices. Here are 14 classic American trucks that are surprisingly cheap, and 1 that's priceless.

Being considered one of the fastest ever American made trucks at its time, the engine packed a nice 225 horsepower at 3800 rpm. The price isn't too bad either, with an average of $15,000, making it one of the more affordable dodge classic pickups.

The performance is just as aggressive as the exterior with a 250 horsepower V8 that is able to take this 7.6-ton pickup to a top speed of 110 mph. As far as the price, an average of 14,000$ is what it takes to own one of these stunning trucks.

When the Cameo debuted, people saw trucks as barely anything other than an industrial vehicle, so luxury and a comfortable experience weren't anyone's priority. It wasn't until later on that the true value of the 1957 Chevy Cameo was discovered as a pickup truck that was way ahead of the game.

Legacy builds several lines of Vehicles, including the Legacy Power Wagon Conversion, the Legacy Scrambler Conversion, and the Legacy Chevy NAPCO. They also take on custom jobs and specialize in rare and special trucks, such as Diamond T, Mack, Studebaker, and Hudson. Whether as a compliment to a ranch or a hardworking commercial vehicle, Legacy is the Best of the Best.

In 2018, Chevy celebrated 100 years of manufacturing rugged, hard-working, good-looking trucks. Classic Chevy trucks like the C10 have gained popularity among car enthusiasts and collectors. When you're searching for a high-quality, restored Chevy truck for sale, look no further than Volo Museum Auto Sales.

In our online auto inventory, you'll find dozens of classic and vintage Chevy trucks for sale. Each listing features high-definition images and details about the truck's history, condition, and quality. We bring more than 130 years of combined experience to everything we do at Volo Museum Auto Sales, and you'll notice in every step of the process.

A classic Chevy truck symbolizes hard-working America and inspires nostalgia for a bygone age. At Volo, we carry many vintage Chevy trucks for sale, including several C10 pickup truck styles from the 1970s. For a Chevy truck with a flare, we often have 1960s El Caminos and 1970s Blazers. Our


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