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Where To Buy Nursing Shoes

What are the best shoes for nurses and healthcare professionals? It seems like a simple question. But, the answer can get really complicated. Not just any old walking shoe will do for nurses. That's why we asked the nurses themselves. Here are the nursing shoes that were most recommended by our online community of over 500K nurses:

where to buy nursing shoes

Alice Benjamin, MSN, BSN, RN is a Critical Care nurse with over 20 years of experience and she tested BALA Shoes tennis shoes at work for 3 shifts. Follow @asknursealice on Instagram!

They're made with stretchy polyester uppers that hug your feet but move with them, all while never losing their compressive nature. As for the soles: They're cushy and propel you, so don't be surprised if you have a bounce in your step while wearing these comfy shoes.

Another pair of shoes designed specifically with nurses in mind? The New Balance x FIGS 327 Unisex Sneaker. These lightweight, retro-inspired shoes feature a waterproof suede upper, an antimicrobial, anti-odor insole, and high-traction rubber outsoles. Plus, just look at them. They're a style statement in and of themself. And when you purchase them, you'll even be shown which FIGS scrubs they'd look best with, so it might inspire you to update not only your nursing shoe wardrobe but your work clothes, too.

Prefer waterproof shoes for your time on the job? The GALES Women's Frontline Work Shoes look like slip-on Vans or Keds, but are made of stain-proof synthetic rubber. To prevent them from getting sweaty, there are two air holes along the instep of each shoe. Additionally, they're lined with Ortholite insoles, so they cushion any and all impact the day brings.

Clove is another footwear brand that caters specifically to healthcare professionals. The Clove Women's Classic sneakers are made of a fluid-resistant, leather-like microfiber fabric that's renowned for being easy to clean. So if you do come in contact with regular messes on the job, don't fret! These shoes will repel fluids and prevent stains, all while looking quite stylish in the process.

We co-created the best nursing shoe in the industry by doing something new. We listened to nurses. BALA Twelves are supportive, sleek, and have a fluid-resistant upper. We know you'll love them because you designed them.

We accept returns and exchanges within 30 days of your order arriving at your door. All returned shoes must be in new condition. We reserve the right to refuse shoes that are damaged, dirty, or otherwise in worn condition.Exchanges Start your return or exchange here: Happy Returns.If your preferred size is not currently available, you can opt for an e-gift card and sign up to be notified via email when your size is back in stock. We cannot make guarantees on when sizes will be restocked. If you ordered a limited edition colorway, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to exchange for the same colorway. Similarly, if you are hoping to exchange any Twelves for another pair in a limited edition colorway, we cannot guarantee that stock will be available. Limited edition colorways will not be restocked once they sell out.

We want all medical field professionals to be comfortable while they work which is why we have custom medical scrubs for men and medical scrubs for women to choose from. Super Shoes carries an abundance of name brand medical and nursing clothes lines including WonderWink, Med Couture, Cherokee Workwear, Koi, Healing Hands, Nurse Mates, Willow Brook, and more.

If you're askiong yourself where to buy scrubs, Super Shoes is among the leading providers of doctor scrubs and nursing shoes due to its large and carefully curated selection of brand lines, print and color options, and size ranges. Each line of scrubs are chosen with the customer in mind as we pride ourselves on offering one of the largest selections of fashionable yet functional attire.

Ask any nurse, and they will tell you how important awesome shoes are. In nursing school, you will be on your feet all the time. And, without the right shoes, you are going to be in pain. There may be guidelines on what shoes you can wear, so check with your school on this.

You are going to be taking a TON of notes during nursing school. Having a way to condense those notes and make them usable is important. If you are old-fashioned (like me), you will want to buy a lot of large note cards, not the 3X5 ones but the bigger ones.

To help you with time management we created an enormous database of nursing report and brain sheets by polling thousands of working nurses and asking for the report sheet that worked for them. The key here is that no two nurses are created equal. . . what worked for me might not work for you and vice versa. So we compiled the best brain sheets into a huge FREE resource.

The book really dives into NCLEX style questions and the WAY you need to look at, read, and interpret the questions. If you have time, I would suggest buying the book before you start nursing school and glancing over it . . . then use it as a reference DURING school.

Yeah, yeah, yeah . . . not really NEEDED for nursing school, but trust me, you will run out of time as a nursing student, and not having to think about lunch while still being able to eat healthily will go a long way.

Similar to Danskos, Alegria nursing shoes are another popular clog found among the most seasoned nurses. Alegria understands that an improper shoe can cause health issues and pain and that nurses need and deserve support through their shifts. Along with memory foam padding for comfort, these Alegria shoes are slip and stain-resistant.

The cheapest nursing shoe award goes to Savvy. Their current sale shows nursing clogs priced at $45. Comfort is king with an aerocushion insole, lightweight construction, arch support, and enhanced toe room.

New on the nursing scene, Hoka has become a popular shoe among nurses. While Hoka brands itself as more of a running shoe, the Hoka Bondi SR is best for professional use. With a 4.4 star rating and an 86% recommendation rate, these shoes offer plush comfort, compression, and water and slip resistance.

As one of the most popular nursing scrubs brands, Cherokee also offers an Infinity Footwear collection for men and women. Whether you are seeking slip-on styles, athletic shoes, leather, or knit, Cherokee has it all.

For shoes that transition from the hospital to outdoors, Asics is supported by hundreds of positive reviews. The NOVABLAST available for men and women is designed with FLYTEFOAM technology to propel you forward.

Unless you want to suffer from painful feet, you should purchase comfortable and supportive shoes. You should consider going even further for comfort by wearing memory foam insoles to help cushion the blow from miles of walking and protect your legs over a long day at work.

"I would stay away from cloth shoes or shoes that are not waterproof. Throughout the day, you can come in contact with various body fluids and the last thing you would want is soaked shoes!" she says.

Leather shoes are easy to clean and offer a barrier against spilled fluids. Nancy Mitchell has been a senior care nurse with over 37 years of experience. She emphasizes the importance of buying shoes that are a good fit.

After a long day, your feet are likely to swell. You want your shoes to be as comfortable at the end of the day as they were when you first put them on. This means they should be wide enough to accommodate your feet with enough room for your toes.

The nurses we interviewed agreed that you should steer clear of shoes you wear only for aesthetics. They may look good on your feet, but by the end of the shift, blisters, pinched toes, and a lot of pain is not worth the "look."

These are Reiling's favorite nursing shoes. "They have a memory foam insole that makes them super comfortable and helps reduce pain in my feet! These shoes are also nonslip-resistant and easy to clean," she says.

The clogs have a slip-on design with a lightweight shock-absorbing midsole and flexible rubber traction sole. The shoes have a rounded toe and smooth leather upper shoe. Although it is a clog, the shoe has a European-style closed-back design making it more stable on your feet.

This is another running shoe with a reputation for protecting your feet and legs on concrete. Hoka One shoes come in black, white, and nearly every other color in between. Some have rocker bottoms; others have a flatter sole.

As a nurse, you have to spend a substantial amount of time on foot. Therefore, wearing the right footwear can make your work hours merrier and offer unmatched support. All those who are working in domains that have long tiresome hours understand the importance of good footwear. Thus, nurses who do a 12-hour duty on an average understand this issue the most. If your footwear is not comfortable, you will experience foot pain and discomfort all day long. Here are a few things to consider while choosing a medical shoes:

With time, your toes will spread out. Therefore, even the shoe you tried on before buying can cause pain during long shifts. To overcome this issue, invest in shoes that have a wide toe box. Moreover, ensure that you order a size that is not too small rather spacious to accommodate your feet comfortably.

Hospital floors can get extremely slippery making it dangerous for both - patients and nurses. Investing in rubber soled shoes with good treads is important for nurses. On the other hand, if you've already got shoes without a rubber sole then getting non-slip pads can serve the purpose.

Sneakers are one of the popular footwear for almost all profession, but they are not as good for nurses. The mesh uppers are generally light and breathable but they are difficult to clean. Since nurses come in contact with bodily fluids, it does not offer much protection against blood, vomit or urine. On the other hand, leather shoes are easy to clean. By simply wiping them down with an antimicrobial cloth, you are good to go. While they are heavier than their mesh alternatives, they are a style symbol as they can be used everywhere - from meetings to patient care. 041b061a72


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