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The car was introduced at a launch event on March 23, 2005, at the New York Auto Show and went on sale in the summer of the same year at the Ford dealerships. Ford's homeported XR5 model was dropped, leaving the North American market with only the XR7. Also the rear-wheel-drive V6 GT was retuned to share base engines with the ZR2, making the base GT have substantially lower performance than the standard GT. Beginning in 2007, the GT was made available only as a "limited edition" model in the United States and Canada as the highest-performance version of the Ford GT, with most American models based on the roadsters supplied to selected Ford dealerships for sale to private owners over the previous year. Other GT models continued to be available in Europe, but North America was the only country to see a change in configuration since the beginning of the run in 2005. As a result of this change, the GT received upgrades in items such as interior trim, safety equipment, and options.

The GT additionally included several differences in the way it was engineered. For example, the front suspension and body lessons were three inches lower than commercially available units. The driving position was mildly raised, the space behind the seats was enlarged, the spare tire was moved to the rear compartment for the first adjustment, and the brakes were mounted two inches further back. These modifications were intended to help the GT fit the public's perception of a sports car. Also, the GT lacked the standard noise-cancelling stereo equipment as all previous GTs included standard audio adjustments. These modifications took the place of sound-deadening material in the vehicle structure, a feature that was later added to all of Ford's turbocharged engines.

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