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On editing the material here it was pointed out to me that certain texts seemed to be included in some versions but were absent in others. We were presented with the problem of editing. We had to ask ourselves a set of questions. Would a rewrite be a reasonable approach Should the text be re-presented entirely as it was Should parts of it be retained at all If we re-wrote, should we adopt the style we used then, and write as if we were still living then Or should we interpose current theoretical adjustments and concerns As it is, we have done all of these things and done them more or less randomly. This edition of Nihilist Communism is a patchwork of archaeological artefact and rewrites, of found object and editorial intervention, of rigourous focus and offhanded laxity; there are sections of clarity set alongside others of obscurity (in places I have no idea what we were alluding to); there is good writing and there is bad. As a book of fragments, a book because it weighs five ounces, it retains the spirit of the Monsieur Dupont project 1e1e36bf2d


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