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"Hey." I heard a sweet voice ask me.I looked up, it was the woman that was looking at me. She was right next to me. I stood up and smirked."Hello." "Hope I'm not disturbing you, I've seen you here before and I just wanted to say hi. My name is Lori."I told her my name and shyly looked away."No you're totally not disturbing me. My dog has a lot of energy so, yeah I'm here a lot.""Oh they can have way too much energy!" She laughed.Anyway we made small talk and hung out for a good 3 hours until it got dark. "Hey, can we exchange numbers?" She asked me, "I don't want to be too forward but - you're a nice guy I'd really like to get to know you."We exchanged numbers and she went in for a hug, and I let her - I hugged her back. She smelled so good.She was petite with short black hair, red lips and pink cheeks (the cold weather gave her a natural blush). I'm 6 ft 2 inches tall, and she's about 5ft tall. She had a nice frame that her winter jacket accented well.A few days later after meeting her I get a text on my phone from her, "You want to get some coffee?"So after I got out of work, I met her at a coffee shop and we really clicked well. It seemed we liked the same movies, the same TV shows, the same music... we hit it off well."Hey would you like to come over and watch a movie?"She blushed, "Of course I would love that! I'll follow you in my car."

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We got inside my house and we both decided to geek out and watch Lord of the Rings (we're both Tolkien fans). She sat next to me, and I put my arm around her and immediately she moved in for a kiss. I froze.She pulled away and was a bit confused, "are you ok? Did I do something wrong?"I shook my head, "no, it's not you - look I like you a lot, but I'm in therapy for PTSD because a few years ago my ex really damaged me... and it's not that I'm hung up on her, it's that my mind reverts to the trauma she's caused me."She was silent for a bit, so I said, "And I totally understand if you want to leave, it's fucked up - I know."She smiled and held my hand, "I'm not going anywhere - thank you for being honest with me. I like honest men."Out of nowhere, "yeah I haven't dated in over 2 years, haven't had sex... nothing.""Oh that's going to change, whenever you're ready I'm here for you."My cock got immediately hard."I mean I'm ready but my brain acts stupid," I said chuckling and pointing at my cock making a tent in my jeans.She chuckled, "well - I'll be honest with you too. I've had a crush on you for a long time and I kind of been stalking you, I know it sounds creepy... but I just couldn't work up the nerve to talk to you. I thought you maybe were married, or had a girlfriend.""Yeah I've never had a stalker before, that's kind of sexy honestly," I laughed."I'd sit there and watch you and think to my self - why is such a nice guy so out of reach... I really didn't want to date anyone because I had this major crush on you so I was turning people down for dates!" "I'd really like to get to know you, just understand that I do have some trauma and I'm still in therapy - I'm working on it.""Can you tell me what she did? Or does it hurt too much?""Oh, I can talk about it. I've been talking about it with my therapist for two years! Where to start... Well I met her online, and we met. We hit it off really well. She'd come over, we'd have fun but eventually it turned into her programming me. We'd be having sex and she'd start calling me her husband, saying that she wanted me to cum in her to get her pregnant so we can make a baby."I paused, reflecting back on it."Anyway, she'd look into my eyes while she was on top of me begging me to give her a child, calling me her soulmate, her husband... this happened over and over. One day at work I get a call, it's her telling me she's pregnant. She demanded to know what I wanted to do, if I was man enough to take care of her and the baby. I told her of course; I was happy and couldn't wait to start a life with her. I went home from work, and she was waiting outside of my house. It was a bit odd because she never showed up unannounced. She seemed different, but I didn't think anything of it. We went inside and she broke down crying. Then she punched me in the face. She turned into a wild woman, grabbing and pulling at my hair, clawing at my chest and throat screaming 'you ruined my fucking life! I have a husband, I have a child!'. I was shocked and then she calmed down, "I'm aborting the baby and you're going to pay for it. If you don't I'm going to ruin you. Every waking moment I'll be making your life miserable."I took a deep breath, "and she did. She made my life miserable. She would call the police on me and pushed false allegations of sexual harassment, and even tried to tell the police I raped her. I took her to court, I won - but when she went away it's like I lost my mind. I wanted the baby, I wanted her, but everything was a complete mindfuck - including her being 'madly in love with me.'" Lori listened intently, "Sounds like a complete psycho... that's a lot to go through. But hey, on a better note, I'd love practicing making babies with you when you're ready!"We laughed and I leaned in for a kiss. My hand cupped her soft breast through her shirt as our tongues danced in each other's mouths. Her hand unzipped my pants and stroked my cock."I---" I stammered."Shhh, lean back and enjoy it," Lori whispered.Her mouth enveloped my hard cock, her head pumping slowly up and down. Lori would look up at me, and fondle my balls and continue working my dick with her mouth.Lori pulled her top of, and took off her pants and undies. I pulled her head gently off my dick and laid her down and kissed her body. My fingers probed her hot wet pussy and she moaned. My mouth made it's way down to her pussy and my tongue slid inside and licked her salty wet clit. She moaned and grabbed my hair, calling my name."I'm going to cum!" and she did. I've never witnessed a woman squirt, ever - but she did - all over my face. I really didn't like the taste of it, it wasn't what I was expecting but it was a huge turn on. "Lay back, it's my turn to make you cum," she said with a smile.She mounted my hard cock and it slid in her. I didn't last long."Oh Lori, I'm going to explode!" I told her, I didn't know if she was on the pill or anything and suddenly, I was worried about getting her pregnant and started to panic. I tried pulling her off, but she pressed down harder and rode my cock harder."I'm not going anywhere. I'm not her, I'm me and I want my fantasy man to finish inside me. I want every inch of that cock deep in my pussy and I want every last drop of cum that you have in me too. Relax, feel me...."I fucking came. I came and came. I came so hard it hurt. When she got off of me, cum was dribbling from her pussy, dripping on to me, and down her leg."Holy fuck," I said. She kissed me.She spent the night, we fucked twice more. In the morning she had to go to work and so did I but we did meet up later on and I went to her place. I spent the night."So, are we a thing? Can I call you my girlfriend or what?""You better be calling me your girlfriend! Hell yeah we're a thing. If you ever have any concerns, you can always talk to me - I won't do you wrong like your ex did."So I guess after 2+ years of being single, I now have a very sexy girlfriend. I have to confess that I'm still afraid, but also confess that Lori is way better in bed than my ex is - and I know I shouldn't even compare... but I think that's part of my psychological issues. And yes, I'm writing this as part of my therapy because I can't go on facebook and post shit like this... I just hope I'm not going to get fucked over again, I can't handle it - and she's the most beautiful woman I've ever been with.Might delete later. peace.

so i saw this movie on cable last night called Rules in Attraction. have you seen it? i want to know if colleges are really like that. with orgies everyweekend, sluts banging teachers, and rapes/suicides a common things.hmmm?

She then starts talking to me about movies "we both like old western movies". Later a weeks a couple days i don't remember she calls me. Tells me that she wants to talk with me an invites herself over to my house. I did not give her my number. She comes over tells me some bullshit i forget what it was some kind of excuse to get into my house. We talk for a few hours and i notice her looking at my cock through my pants. I ignore it because hey she my friends mom. Plus she is overweight an she looks old. On the positive side She does have a big ass and very large tits easily DD if not bigger.

So the scheduled visit arrives and she comes over wearing a hoody not showing any skin. we are watching a movie i look over and the hoody is unzipped an she is showing some cleavage. She always sat uncomfortably close to me and i could see down her shirt. I got aroused she looked over at me then down at my pants an she just put her hand on my cock acting innocent like she had no idea what had happened. I called her out an she pretty much rapes me.

Confessions being censored is literally censorship for the sake there of. If someone posts that they raped 30 children, it is nothing more than a story unless evidence is provided, and is protected by constitutional law. So every movie and book that deals with similiar topics should be destroyed (Fahrenheit 451 anyone)? I think not.

You tout that this is a moral-free zone, where if it is legal it stays. Well I call you out on it now then. Will you be pioneers, standing up for the rights of the every-man, or will you bend over for Big Brother some more and let them rape one of the last uncensored areas left on the net for people with strong sexual tendencies in this country? You should really ask yourself what it is you actually stand for, and why you want any of us as members in the first place. Because I am willing to bet that the majority of so-called "anonymous" threads here are posted by ACTUAL members. You are selling out the very people who made this site thrive.


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